Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Lets talk: Print and Prejudice

First of all let me apologise for the terrible pun of a title. It got stuck in my head and I couldn't seem to get it out - finally the english student in me is taking hold. Awful notes aside and onto this months mini talks . . .

Last week while browsing the shoe section of Kurt Geiger a pair of shoes caught my eye that I couldn't help fall in love with. Featuring a peep toe design and coloured leopard print they were the perfect statement heel yet as I tried them on a flicker of doubt floated into my head. Were these heels the chic nod to Kenzo I was imagining or instead a pair better seen on the cast of The Only Way is Essex? Not that either option could make me part with my beloved shoes however it got me thinking could I be turned away from a particular print or style just because of my conceived ideas about it.

Thinking back this wouldn’t be the first time I’d linked a print to a certain style or stereotype. When the ditsy floral print took hold in SS10 it’s fair to say I went a little overboard. I just couldn’t get enough of the feminine floral print. That is until my mum came home with a cute floral cardigan. She happily handed me the bag followed by saying: ‘It was the granniest print in the shop so I knew you’d like it.’ Yes I did like it but being told my wardrobe could also pass as belonging to my Nan was a little scary. In my naivety I turned away from florals for over a year.

Recently I’ve began to embrace prints again albeit in moderation thanks to a greater awareness of what works for me. This summer however has turned all print restraint on its head with designers such as Louise Gray and Mary Katrantzou not only clashing prints but also colours and textures to create effortlessly unique designs. So where does this leave me – the everyday girl who if to strut down the street in head to toe tartan would look like a walking monstrosity. If the recent surge in prints has taught me anything its to have fun and while I’m never going to wear aztec print trousers with a floral top (although that is giving me an idea) wearing a monochrome print skirt with a neon top and clashing coloured shoes could work for me. For me this season (and next) is about losing my inhibitions so even if I end up looking like an exploded rainbow that's exactly what I plan to do and whatever the outcome I'll wear it with pride.

I'd love to see how you work the print trend or any print prejudices you've had so leave me a comment below and keep your eyes peeled to see how I work prints from Summer to Autumn/Winter.

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