Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Lets talk: Daytime Heels

I was around eight when my mum bought me my first pair of heels, a pair of silver sandals with a chunky block heel of around two inches. I remember falling in love with them in the Debenhams wedding section and refusing to put them down until my mum gave in and called them an ‘early birthday present’. It was from that age my love affair with high heels began. I’m now twenty-one and being less than five foot has meant my lust (and need) for a good heel hasn’t faltered yet each morning as I get dressed I face a dilemma – have I got the confidence to wear heels in the day?

I’m sure there’s a few people reading this thinking what’s wrong with you, wear what you want and that’s the end of it however I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s found that something that looks fabulous in front of the bedroom mirror leaves us feeling a little uncomfortable as soon as we step outside the front door. For me that’s a high heel in the blinding light of day. But how can something that gives me so much confidence in the way I feel, walk and carry myself also leave me feeling vulnerable and exposed.

One reason is the question: are they really suitable? The amount of times I’ve seen someone strutting up my local high street and while I’ve been a little envious of how put together they look I also can’t help thinking who do they think they are. You’re making a trip to the post office not perusing Rodeo Drive.

So how do I overcome my high heel issues? I’ve tried block heels, wedges and even the devil incarnate, the dreaded kitten heel - all stay trapped in my wardrobe until darkness falls. Does this mean it’s finally time to surrender to my tiny stature? For now I guess so and until then there’s a whole wardrobe of wasted shoes waiting for me so watch this space and tell me what’s your biggest fashion worries?

I apologise to anyone who finds these posts a little fickle or dramatic but as I don't communicate much on MINI IN STILETTOS I thought this would be a fun way to do so and talk about something I love. I know it's just fashion not the end of the world but I'd love to hear your responses and any feedback on the topics.


  1. Oh how I know this feeling, albeit on the other end of the spectrum as I'm already 5'10" and most heels bring me past 6 foot! My collection is ever-growing and yet I feel as if I have no where to wear them! However I recently bought a nude block heeled pair from Zara with the intention of actually wearing them during the day, so maybe this will be the defining moment? Excellent post my dear.

    Sophie xo

    1. So nice to hear I'm not alone - let me know how the new pair go!

  2. My best friend thinks exactly like this, I like to wear heels as often as i can (i've got enough of them)and she loves it when i wear them, but always feels uncomfortable when she wears them! It's all about inner confidence IMO, you wear them for you and if someone gives you that (who do you think you are) stare give it to them back (i do) haha. Dress to impress yourself and no one else. If you're confident, other people will get it! :)

    p.s. (love your blog) and am following on bloglovin!
    Would love it if you would check mine out :)

  3. I'm only 17 (18 next month) and i own more high heels than my mum! addicted much, yes! but i love them and can't stop buying them... even if it means some of them been only worn twice :S
    Kamila xx