Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Lets talk: About the Cosmopolitan Careers Masterclass

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the first Cosmopolitan Careers Masterclass in London. The talk was aimed at people wanting to break into the media industry and offered tips and advice from Louise Court (Cosmo's editor), Chloe Melick (Music PR and founder of Inside Out), Jazz Kaur (Benefit Cosmetics PR), Nicole Mowbray (Daily Mail Life & Style editor), Cherry Healey (BBC 3 documentary presenter) and Pat McNulty (Cosmo's digital editor).

I was especially excited to hear from Louise and Nicole as my passion is for journalistic writing however it was really interesting to hear from the other experts as well and I found myself wanting to know more about the fields I didn't have such a good understanding of. Beauty and fashion PR has definitely become an area I want to look further into.

The panel talked for about an hour and a half about their job roles, how they got into the industry and what they look for in an intern and then answered the audience's questions pretty in-depthly which was nice. It was really interesting to see how normal each of the panel were, they seemed slightly in awe of what they had achieved which gives hope to someone like me. They gave some good advice and I got some things drummed into me that I already know which was just as helpful. So here are the top things I took away:

  • Write a new letter for every placement you apply for as one it gives you practice in writing in a professional manner and two it shows your really interested in working for a company if you give them a letter specifically tailored to them. 
  • When contacting a business don't focus on your background. Keep it simple and tell them what you can offer them as that's what matters and if you can offer them ideas with you attached even better.
  • Even if you can't get a job in your chosen field take one in as close a field as possible and network your way in.
  • Even if a company doesn't advertise work experience/available jobs email them. It shows enthusiasm and initiative.
  • A twitter presence is important if you hope to work in the media!
  • When on work experience make yourself indispensable. If you put in the extra work it will pay off. 


  1. This looks so exciting!

  2. Sounds fun, helpful tips too xx