Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Lets Talk: About Being 'Clothed' Minded

As soon as I walk into a shop and my eyes lock with the perfect Topshop bodycon dress or pair of sky high Kurt Geiger heels a never ending amount of questions pass through my head. ‘Does this shape suit me?’ ‘What accessories will it work with?’ and even ‘Will this outfit get me noticed?’ but the question that definitely doesn't cross my mind is ‘Do I look like I’m asking for it?’

Being a university student I’m often found tottering out of a night club in the early hours of the morning, drunk off way too many tequila shots and pulling unsuccessfully at my skirt in an attempt to hide my modesty. A lady of elegance and class I rarely am but whatever state I’ve found myself in I never believed it could affect my right to respect from others. I recently read an article which stated many officials’ believe girls are making themselves vulnerable to sexual assault through excessive binge drinking and barely there outfits. Now correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t these views in fact punishing the victims of these crimes as opposed to the culprits who commit them. Since when did my right to protect my own body depend on how high my heels were and how much cleavage I had on show?

I tried to think about this logically in hope the answer to why people think this way would become clear. If I wanted to be taken seriously, at a job interview for example, I’d wear a suit. If I was feeling lazy I’d be lounging on the sofa in some comfy pyjamas. So when I'm getting ready for a night out and decide a bralet or short dress is the only thing ‘suitable’ am I fooling myself by believing I chose them simply because I liked the way they look? Flicking through my wardrobe now I know exactly which outfits will have a man buying me a drink or a girl tapping me on the shoulder to ask where I bought my dress from. It’s human nature to want to look your best. Yet with all this information I still can’t account these as a reason to make a crime more acceptable. I mean, I wouldn’t blame the suit if I failed at a job interview would I?

I’m sure many of you will agree with me, men included, the perfect outfit is crucial whatever the event. What you wear can increase your confidence, make you feel comfortable and change your whole persona in an instance whether you want to feel sexy, classy or in the case of some pretty embarrassing fancy dress, absolutely insane. Fashion has always been a way to express ourselves without even saying a word. So if fashion is so individual how can it be used to attack a person’s credibility or affect their right to respect from others?

So in response to am I asking for it: if I am asking for anything when I get dressed it’s for people to realise fashion may be individual and it may even reflect what’s inside us but whatever we’re wearing there’s one thing it definitely can’t do. It can’t control other people.

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